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Decatur Electronics offers a wide range of speed measurement products for the police, sports, rail, water flow and special application markets.  Have an application where you need to measure speed?  Give us a call – we can help!!!

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The G3™ , the latest generation of the Genesis Radar family, is a modern traffic radar device offering many advanced capabilities. It includes 32-bit floating point digital signal processing (DSP), a versatile detachable computer/display unit, a Ka band directional antenna, and an easy-to-use Infrared (IR) remote control.
The G3™ provides instant target acquisition and speed lock as well as more precise tracking and speed measurement. If space in your vehicle is at a premium, you will appreciate the detachable computer/display unit. For more safety conscious installation options, you can separate the pieces and mount them wherever best meets your specific needs.
The SI-3 is a narrow beam, long range, Doppler radar designed for OEM integration. The SI-3L is perfect for applications where narrow beam and long range are priorities.
The weatherproof SI-3L SVR is designed specifically to measure the speed of streams and rivers to give you precise and reliable speed measurements from cross-over bridges or posts on the banks of rivers. Ideal for measurements from remote locations and long distance monitoring
The SI-3C is our latest generation of OEM traffic
radars that can easily be integrated into your speed measurement products.
Any patrol car can tow this small, lightweight trailer. Tow it to almost any straight stretch of road, roll down the trailer's jacks, swing up the display and you're ready to slow traffic.
With easy deployment, a tough steel exterior and a price you can afford, the OS 300MX makes a great addition to your traffic enforcement arsenal.
Disguised as a common radar speed trailer, the Onsite 350MX provides a covert mobile platform for most manufacturers LPR camera systems. The LPR system is entirely contained in its own separate enclosure that protects the LPR processor and up to (4) cameras.

The electrical subsystem has been specifically sized to support the power needs of the LPR components. 200 watts of solar panels are standard and extend the time between recharges. Extra batteries are also available as an option. The trailer comes with an Onsite Matrix radar speed module that provides all of the features that you expect in a modern radar sign.
The OnSite 200MX Speed Dolly is a portable radar speed sign that is ideal for short term use in school zones, gate communities and industrial parking lots.
The OnSite OS75MX is a light weight, easy to install, pole mounted speed sign that is available in either AC or Solar powered configurations.
Covert traffic logging and reporting. The nondescript SpeedSpy blends into its surroundings and collects traffic data using Decatur Electronics radar and EZ-Stat data logger.
Vehicle speed data logger that is compatible with the Onsite line of products. Traffic data (up to 130,000 records) can then be easily downloaded into a custom Excel form making data analysis, graphing and reporting simple.
The Genesis II Select is a fully featured moving radar that is robust and simple to use. Stationary, moving opposite and moving same direction modes are standard and when paired with a second antenna, the Genesis II Select provides enforcement coverage in all zones around the police car. Fastest target identification is available in all modes (same direction requires a directional antenna)
The VIP plugs into the diagnostic port in the patrol car and improves the performance of Genesis II Select radar. By reading the vehicles speed from the diagnostic port, shadowing is eliminated. Additionally the Genesis II Select can automatically change between stationary and moving modes based on the patrol car’s speed.
The Scout is a battery operated stationary radar that uses inexpensive and commonly available rechargeable AA batteries rather than expensive proprietary battery packs. Directional and faster target tracking is standard. Long run times in between recharges and in-car recharging means the Scout is always available when you need it
The GHD is full featured stationary radar priced at a level that is affordable for any department. We didn’t skimp on range, quality or features though – the GHD has all of the features that you would expect in modern stationary radar
The handheld SVR allows hydrologists to quickly and safely determine the surface velocity of water even during emergency conditions.   Using historically profiled cross-section of rivers and discharge rates, hydrologists can use the portable handheld SVR to easily and efficiently obtain real-time data to estimate the water discharge rates during high risk flooding and in mud slide areas in order to make scientific decisions to alert control centers.
The SVR DUAL combines a 24GHz Doppler speed radar with a 61GHz ranging radar.  Both radars operate simultaneously to quickly and accurately calculate water flow.  Use the river bottom modeling software along with known cross section profile to provide fast and high quality flow measurements.
The Railmaster is designed specifically for applications where vehicles move at speeds slower than normal traffic radar is designed to register. It is typically used to measure the speed of trains, construction vehicles and forklifts