Scout Handheld Radar

The Scout Handheld Radar

More than 13,000 units deployed across North America protecting our communities!

The Scout is a battery-operated handheld radar unit, which uses NiMH rechargeable AA batteries, that are easily replaceable instead of expensive batteries. The Scout also charges from the vehicle’s 12V power source, keeping the Scout always ready with the power you need to keep your streets safe.

Its portability makes the Scout handheld radar a flexible police radar gun  whether in the car or on patrol.

Handheld Radar Features

  • K-Band Directional radar to ensure tracking history – Target acquisition of vehicles moving towards or away from you!
  • Isolate a single direction of traffic
  • Catch only the target you want
  • FASTER mode catches the vehicle going faster than the stronger target
  • The Scout offers up to 7 days of use between charges* – Your speed measuring tool ready when you need it!
  • Straightforward “pull & hold the trigger for target acquisition”.
  • Rugged & durable Polycarbonate frame – It will withstand the nuisances of your job!
  • Light weight – less than 2lbs & easy to maneuver!
  • “Test” button to run self test – Have your radar calibrated at all times!
  • Mini-Test function: Automatically performs an “essentials” self test every 10 minutes**.
  • Software up-gradable





* It might vary depending on usage behaviors and inactivity periods (milliamp/hours).

** Required in some states in the USA.